Thank you for your ongoing commitment to innovative practice! The initiatives you are launching at your school have potential to shift teaching and learning in new and unexpected ways. We are excited to be embarking on this journey together.

A few reminders before our summer holidays begin:

1) VISIT THE NEW BLOG: Our Innovative Learning Design wiki has a new home in an easier to read format (https://surreylearn.wordpress.com) It is intended for you to read, share and post information about teaching and learning in innovative ways. Please check in from time to time and comment on any items that you feel would benefit your school team and others across the District. The Education Services’ team will be adding more content over the summer months in preparation for the fall term. The more we share, the more we learn together.

2) PRO-D: A reminder that your core team will be participating in a pro-d session in the fall (date TBA) as well a full day (Focus Day) in February 2012.

3) HELPING TEACHER TEAM MEMBERS: Helping Teachers will be working with each school throughout the Learning Design Project starting in the fall.

4) CONNECT ON TWITTER: Connecting with educators on social media to create your own Personal Learning Network is a form of powerful professional learning. Read about challenges and success with learning innovations posted by teachers and educational leaders around the globe. Follow this blog on twitter @surreylearn and post your tweets with this hash tag #sd36learn at the end. Consider adding some of the following hash tags #edchat, #CanEd, #K12, or #edtech to broaden your network.

School teams working on the Digital Learning Projects may find the following resources useful:

1) iPADS for LEARNING: The Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development in Australia has selected a range of apps to get teachers and students started. The apps have been selected to get students connecting, communicating and creating. http://bit.ly/iDs1Jw

2) iPADS in EDUCATION: Some great blog sites with many useful links:
http://bit.ly/idf2av/ A site which organizes applications by subject area. Created by teachers.
http://bit.ly/kj4oBe What are your essential classroom apps? A discussion forum with educators worldwide.
http://bit.ly/hZR9zx What do Students Think of Using iPads in Class? Pilot Survey Results

3) EDUCATIONAL APPS REVIEW: A teacher driven site with reviews, lessons ideas, and pedagogy links on mobile technology in the classroom. A great springboard to lead to other sites. http://www.iear.org

Have a wonderful summer. We look forward to the journey ahead of us!